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Middle East 4

 MT LXXA note on chronologies here. The farther back that we go towards creation, the more uncertainty there is in some of the dates. Egyptologists have different dates for the chronologies of the various dynasties as do others with the dates of Mesopotamia and other areas. As researches try and figure out dates based on astronomical data, written records, carbon dating and synchronisms between various cultures, they often disagree on the exact dates.

There is also an obvious modification of some of the numbers in Genesis 5 and 11. I have provided three different time lines that come from different textual witnesses and two of those differ in the time that the Israelites were in Egypt. The video above on the right discusses the topic. A good discussion on this subject is done by Henry Smith of ABR in the research project "Genesis 5 to 11 project". An overview of the subject is "Overview of the Chronologies in Gen 5 & 11". The longer chronology seems to be the most likely and as such, the charts and timelines are based on this dating. The modern Bibles normally use the shorter chronology, whereas the early church generally used the longer time line. Either way, Creation happened no more than about 5600 BC or less than about 4000 BC. The Biblical dates seem to be quite accurate as much work has been done on the subject with dates for the Babylonian exile, the building of the temple, the exodus, Abraham and the patriarchs. For example, the Exodus was in 1446 BC and Abraham was born in 2166 BC.

Time Lines

Overall Time Line

Comprehensive Time LineKings 1

Series of Time Lines - Creation to the Exile

Time Line from Adam to Jacob

Alternate Time Line from Adam to Abraham (MT - Long Sojourn)

Alternate Time Line from Adam to Abraham (MT Short Sojourn)

Early Kingdoms after the Flood

Flood to Exodus Time Line

Abraham to Joshua Time Line

Abraham to Joshua Time Line with Egyptian Kings

Time Line of the Judges

Time LIne of the Kings (Portrait)

Time Line of the Kings (Landscape)

Time Line of the Prophets

Time LIne of Empires

Time Line of Middle KingdomsPauls 3rd

Time Line from the United Kingdom to Jesus

Time Line of Babylon to Rome

Expanded Time Line of Babylon to Rome

New Testament Events and Books

New Testament Expanded Timeline

Law Time Line

Revelation Timeline

Old Testament Maps

Map of the Table of the Nations

Map of the Time of the Patriarchs

Exodus Route

Map of Israelite Tribal AllotmentsTable of Nations

Joshua's Southern Campaign

Joshua's Northern Campaign

Map of Israel

Map of Israel 2

Map of David and Solomon Empire

Map of Hittite Empire

Map of the Assyrian Empire

Map of the Babylonian Empire

Map of Persian Empire

Map of Alexanders Empire

Map of the Hasmonean (Maccabean) Time

CrossMap of Roman Empire

New Testament Maps

Map of the New Testament World

Map of Judea at the Time of Jesus

New Testament Jerusalem

Asia MInor in Roman Time

Paul's First Missionary Journey

Paul's Second Missionary Journey

Paul's Third Missionary Journey

Paul's Journey to Rome

Travels of Peter and Philip

The 7 Churches of RevelationGenesis Timeline

Charts, Articles and Videos

Chart of the Descendants of Noah to the Twelve Tribes

Jewish Calendar

Bible Hub weights and measures

Article on the location of Sodom and Gomorrah

List of Miracles in the Bible

Video 1 on the Exodus Route

Video 2 on the Exodus Route

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Law Timeline

 Ark on Land

 Ark in Ocean

Armour of God



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