e sword Bible software

e sword is an excellent electronic Bible software program. It comes with a number of resources and others can be added in. It has many features for searching and providing cross references. It also includes reference, commentary and graphical modules. Even though this program is provided free, please donate in order to help fund the costs associated with providing the website. More modules are available at Bible Support

While it has some free Bible translations included, I would highly recommend getting the NASB Bible Study Set with Strong's Numbers to be able to search the original language words from a modern translation rather than only from the King esword screenshotJames Version.

This is what e-sword looks like. In this case I have used the NASB Bible. You can see that in the other 2 windows, every resource that has a blue and white information symbol has information on that verse or word. Here you can see in the bottom window the definition for the word "day" and in the right window, cross references for the verse.

Some E Sword modules that I have prepared

The following are modules that I would recommend for e-sword (these are available right from the program itself in the "Download" tab)

  • ESV Bible
  • LEB Bible
  • TSK (Treasury of Scripture Knowledge) cross references (an expanded version is available at Bible Support)
  • Brown- Driver- Briggs Hebrew Definitions
  • Thayer's Greek Definitions
  • Mounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary
  • Strong's Hebrew and Greek Definitions
  • Easton's Bible Dictionary
  • International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
  • David Guzik Commentary

There are some modules available that may be purchased if desired.

For those wanting more in-depth resources than those available for e-sword, the following commercial Bible programs are available:

Accordance Bible          Screen shot of Accordance

Logos                              Logos Screenshot

Accordance Video on "Why buy Bible Software"

Both companies offer a free package to start with. With Accordance, you actually own the free software and resources, with Logos you only get access to the free resources.

The Basic package at Accordance has the key resources needed and has the full feature set included.

Some of the key resources included in the basic package:

  • ESV Bible
  • Enhanced Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
  • Easton's Bible Dictionary
  • Eerdman's Dictionary of the Bible
  • International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
  • New Bible Commentary
  • Jamieson, Fausset & Brown Commentary
  • Nave's Topical Bible
  • Mounce Concise Greek - English Dictionary
  • Kohlenberger - Mounce Hebrew - Aramaic Dictionary

The following are also recommended

The NASB group has an excellent Topical Index (in Accordance). Another good resource is "Dictionary of Bible Themes" This is available for Accordance and Logos as electronic versions.

It is also available on Bible Gateway and Bible Hub

On the Instruction Videos Page there are a number of links for videos that have instructions on using E sword, Accordance and Logos.